Can Yoga Help to Control & Cure Diabetes?

Diabetes is Preventable and Manageable Through Yoga
Two major and preventable causes of type 2 diabetes are
lack of physical activity, and
wrong dietary habits.
Over the years the wrong kind of lifestyle leads to increased insulin resistance, which finally leads to type 2 diabetes (T2D). T2D is characterized by insulin resistance, high blood glucose levels and high bad-cholesterol levels.
Poorly managed diabetes leads to numerous complications. Some of the most common complications of T2D are:
neuropathy (damage, or dysfunction of one or more nerves);
disease of large and small blood vessels;
increased risk of stroke and heart attack;
non-healing ulcers;
kidney disease;
retinopathy (disorders of the retina including some that cause blindness), and much more.
Benefits of Yoga for Diabetes Are Well-Proven by Medical Science
Yoga can also assist in preventing and managing certain disease conditions. Yogic exercises improve physical agility and strength, while breathing exercises (Pranayama) promote mental well-being. When practiced properly and under the supervision of an experienced teacher, yoga can help make biochemical changes in the body, improve hormone levels, reduce stress, enhance metabolic rate, instill discipline, all leading to the better outcomes with diabetes.

How Does Yoga Treat Diabetes?

Yoga Asanas help in stretching particular regions of the body and stimulate them. The following are some of the major benefits of Yoga For Diabetes cure.

Certain Yoga asanas make the organs in lumbar and thoracic parts to get stretched in order to activate them. This results in better production of Insulin and also lowered blood sugar levels in the body.
Another major benefit of performing Yoga is that it helps in reducing stress levels of the body. Stress is the major reason for diabetes, and by controlling stress, diabetes can be brought well under control.
Yoga also helps in better blood supply to the body that is required for the proper functioning of body organs.

Asanas like the Surya Namaskara, Forward Bend, Backward Bend, Twisted Poses and Inversions can massage the pancreas and endocrine system to stimulate insulin secretion. They also reduce the overall waist circumference that can have a positive effect in controlling high blood sugars.

1.Yoga may help overcome obesity and improve metabolism.
2.Yoga stimulates the metabolism and reduces cholesterol.
3.Yoga improves cardiovascular health.
4.Yoga may help prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Most complications of diabetes develop over a period of months or even years. If yoga is introduced to patients in the early stages of the disease, imagine, what amazing effects can be achieved over extended periods of time!

Yoga Poses Sequence for Diabetes Patients
Below is a simple and well-balanced sequence that can work well for people in the early stages of Diabetes Type 2:
Shavasana – Corpse Pose (5 minutes)
Anulom Vilom – Alternate Nostril Breathing (5 minutes)
Surya Namaskara – Sun Salutation (4 rounds)
Sukha Sarvangasana – Easy Shoulderstand against the wall (1 minute)
Ardha Setu Bandhasana – Half Bridge Pose (30 seconds)
Pawan Mukthasana – Air Release Pose (30 seconds)
Matsyasana – Fish Pose (1 minute)
Passchimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend (1 minute)
Bhujangasana – Classical Cobra Pose (30 seconds)
Vistrit Bhujangasana – Extended Cobra Pose (30 seconds)
Ardha Matsyendrasana – Half Spinal Twist (1 minute each side)
Vrkshasana – Tree Pose (30 seconds each side)
Tadasana – Mountain Pose (1 minute)
Shavasana- Corpse Pose (10 minutes)

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